This is for those who like to blend philosophy and science. The video clips in the Sagan Series are from Carl Sagan’s television series, Cosmos. These videos are a remake of some of Sagan’s work and attempt to spark an interest in finding a way to make a better world. Sagan had always attempted to get people more interested in science.

I find this intriguing and profound because much of what I have listened to and seen so far in these videos correlates to the inner self – finding meaning in a story-like manner. People often view science as this cold, calculated, rigid structure. But it is not so in this series. Sagan’s powerful narrative of mankind’s ventures connects science with our humanity, which I believe is what we really need in this day and age. I highly recommend watching these. In fact, I recommend watching and reading any works by Carl Sagan.

(original text: http://ipowerproject.com/forum/topics/the-sagan-series)


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