I absolutely love anything creative and interesting. In this day and age where most people seem to have this ADD attitude towards everything whether it’s education, politics, or other things in general, providing information, ideas, and perhaps insight into issues we face in this world in a very interesting and creative way is essential in keeping people in the loop.

So I present to you….dadaadadaaaa! RAP NEWS produced by JUICE NEWS MEDIA. Check them out.

The big reason why I posted this video is because it is saying the same thing that I had said in the previous post about how the internet is essential to social progress and that it must be protected if we are to survive a through a technological transition from where we are now to another civilization as state here: https://marchintomadness.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/a-type-one-invention-in-a-type-zero-civilization-or-maybe-we-are-in-a-type-75-civilization/





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