There are very few movies out there that I would watch since I find that a lot of movies that are being released are just not worth watching these days. Despite many bad reviews, I actually find this movie very enjoyable to watch. A lot of people say that it lacks “gusto” that many political satires have, but come on…Moon Nazis! A movie about Moon Nazis! How hilariously absurd is that? Classic. It’s funny and I find a lot of things in the movie that pretty much show how politics is around the world particularly in America towards the very end of the movie. Not only does it address the state of world politics, it has a deeper philosophical layer in terms of how to approach another civilization to it if you pay attention carefully enough. What really pulled me in the end was the female voice that was narrating while everything was blowing up in space. I don’t know who it was narrating, but what she said really got to me. I don’t know what is it about those three sentences, but it really resonated with me.

Overall, I think it’s a great movie even if others don’t agree. It’s not too slow, not too serious, and it’s not too fast-paced. I’d watch it again and I recommend it to anyone who is remotely aware of what’s going on with governments around the world.

INFO: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1034314/
WATCH HERE: http://www.watchfreemovies.ch/watch-movies/2012/watch-iron-sky-220811/


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