This was an old poem I wrote a few years back when it was actually snowing outside. Real snow in a semi-arid desert! How awesome is that? It’s only every one in ten years that it snows here where I live. I remember sitting in my old car listening to music and enjoying the snowfall one last time before I had to go to class, thought of some ideas and wrote them down later that night. I was a bit inspired by a quote by Bruce Lee. The original poem was longer than this, but I condensed it. Honestly, I like this one better. Short and simple. Hope you enjoy!

A mind like Water
Droplets ripple and Dreams grow
Returning to Calm

The Rotating Earth
Lies in the Ocean of Stars
As a Grain of Sand
Joy and Happiness
When Mirrors reflect ourselves
Truly as we are

A mind like Water
Droplets Fall into the Sea
Returning to Calm

The Ache of the Earth
Her Children cry in the Fields
Stained with War and Blood
A Wanderer’s Soul
Holds the Key to the Vision
Searching for the Doors

Dream with Purity
Awake as the Glowing Sun
May all Souls find Peace

A mind like Water
Ripples in the Sea of Dreams
have returned to calm


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