I painted this years ago. I used to be very proud of it, but now I see all the flaws and mistakes. This is painted on a wooden board I found at a local supply store with acrylic paint. I don’t exactly know what went through my mind when I was painting this. To be honest, I find it a bit scary to look at sometimes. I don’t know why. One of the parental units wanted to throw it away because it was taking space in my messy room despite knowing how much effort I put into this so I gave it to my cousin who still loves this painting. The story behind this painting is about a world where the old civilizations have all crumbled to dust. The remaining members of humanity found a way to transfer their consciousness into machines or they become biosynthetic beings as a way to survive through a turbulent transition. The girl is one of the  few remaining authentic human beings that woke up from cryostasis in a state of amnesia. She explores the world as if she were a child who is experiencing touch, smell, sight, and sound for the first time. The machines and the biosynthetic humans exist as part of the natural world. They are beings who are keepers of vast knowledge and  would seem as if they have always been there since the very beginning. All of the old buildings and cities of the past have been taken over by forests and war-torn lands became places where life thrives. In her eyes, the world isn’t a dying or broken world. It is a world that is in constant state of emergence.


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