I never really expected this movie to be something I would enjoy, but I was thoroughly surprised. It definitely not for people who just want to be entertained, but it is very intellectually engaging in that it attempts to explore life’s mysteries, the difference between dreams and reality, and challenges our idea reality.

What really caught my attention was the concept of language that was discussed in the movie. I have always wondered about language. We think in words and sometimes we think in pure thoughts. Language is just a symbolic representation of our thoughts and is often subject to interpretation. We all perceive reality a little differently. What one says may or may not be different from what another would percieve in their own experience of reality. This is perhaps why certain meanings and other things get lost when translated from one language to another. In the end, words are just symbols. I was very impressed that this movie actually discussed something like that.

Another interesting idea was the concept of the social evolution of humanity from the primitive survival instincts and dominance into things like loyalty, love, and freedom from limitations. Are such positive values traits of evolution into a “higher being”? Although in the past, social scientists and psychologists would argue that values like altruism and compassion do not fit into the mold of survival, self-preservation, and they would attribute greed, self-interest, and selfishness to the nature of human beings. But such old ideas are being challenged by new discoveries about ourselves as human beings.

Usually, I’m not a big fan of this kind of animation, but it really fits into whole dream-state theme. Although some of these discussions almost seem to go into a borderline-fantasy territory, I still think it’s definitely worth watching if you are interested in this kind of stuff. It’s definitely a work of art that has been overlooked.

Watch here 😀


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