Among many of the questions about life and such, I keep finding myself asking: “Why is it so hard to just live in this world?”

Even though I ask, I consider myself lucky to be born in America raised up by a middle class family. A majority of people on this Earth starve to death and live on less than one or two dollars per day. With that fact in mind and the fact that the US is able to produce enough food to feed the world, then why are we seeing so many people starve. There are about twenty-two empty houses per one homeless person in the US. Why are we seeing so much homelessness and poverty even within the borders of the US?

Shouldn’t this raise some alarm? It brings into question the efficiency of which we run and manage our world and the resources on this Earth. If these statistics are true or somewhat close to reality, then one can conclude that the way we are managing and handling things along with all of the rules and regulations  are incredibly inefficient and cumbersome. Isn’t there a much simpler way to live? Are we not thinking outside the box? Einstein had said that we cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking that we created them with. Perhaps we are not approaching these problems at a different angle because it seems as though we always use one method for social, political, and economic reform. When we don’t like how things are managed, we do away with the current president and some elected officials and replace them with other leaders. We’ve been going about that for a while now, yet nothing has really changed. Maybe there were some changes for those four years, but never really any significant long-term changes. It doesn’t matter who you side with, who you are, what you believe, and what you value. The fact is that these problems exist and we all have to face them eventually. Are we going about fixing problems the wrong way? Are we still trying to solve problems with the same thinking that we have created them with? 


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